to have and have not

title: To Have and Have Not

author: Ernest Hemingway

genre: Fiction, illegal trade, boating

suggested by: Will F.

dates read: July 6th – July 8th

review: 4 out of 5 stars

summary: Harry Morgan is trying to support his family, his wife and three girls.  He owns a boat that he’ll rent out and take people fishing.  As money gets tight he’s forced to take on illegal jobs that put him at greater and greater risk.  Among the cast is Albert Tracy, Richard Gordon, and Marie Morgan.  Each of them adds their voice to the community in Key West and the dysfunction they all live in.

personal thoughts: This was infinitely better than “For Whom the Bell Tolls.”  I was actually interested in the story and more engaged in what was happening.  It was a bit disjointed with the various characters sometimes having a third person perspective, and other times having a first person perspective.  I think Hemingway was trying to show the greater scope of the story, that it was not just about Harry and what he was going through, but it sometimes left me confused as to why I was reading about these people who were only marginally involved in the main plot.  He would sometimes have a stream of consciousness for a character that was very repetitive and didn’t always contribute to the story.  However, I can appreciate the realistic way he showed the character’s thought processes.  Still not a book that I would say I love, but definitely a better experience than last time.

favorite quote:
“Richard Gordon could hear the clock ticking and he felt as hollow as the room was quiet.” p. 190


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