howl’s moving castle

title: Howl’s Moving Castle

author: Diana Wynne Jones

genre: Fiction, fantasy, spells, curses, castles

suggested by: Sam B.

dates read: July 9th – 10th

review: 5 out of 5 stars

summary: Sophie Hatter is the oldest of three sisters, which on her world means that she has the least amount of luck. Unfortunately, due to circumstances outside of her control, she is forced to strike out on her own and take up residence with the Wizard Howl, known in her town as an eater of young women’s souls. Before she lives with Howl, she is cursed – by a witch – with the body of an old lady, so she’s safe from Howl’s soul eating ways. As she gets to know him, she finds that those rumors are false and finds herself pulled into the many misadventures of Howl, his apprentice Michael Fisher, and the fire demon Calcifer who controls Howl’s moving castle.

personal thoughts: What an imaginative story! I didn’t even realize it was a book (thanks again for the suggestion, Sam!) and was curious to see how similar the movie was to the book. It’s been some time since I’ve seen the movie but if seemed fairly faithful to the book. The dedication of the book explains that a boy suggested that Jones write a book called The Moving Castle, which is where the idea originated. I was enthralled from the beginning and loved the style of storytelling and the uniqueness of each character. Such imagination always inspires me. I was really excited to find that this is part of a trilogy and hope to return to the series next year.

favorite quotes:
“[the king] sat with one leg thrust out in a kingly sort of manner, and he was handsome in a plump, slightly vague way, but to Sophie he seemed quite youthful and just a touch too proud of being king. She felt he ought, with that face, to have been more unsure if himself.” p. 120

“Was it the curse pulling Howl toward the Witch? Or had Howl slithered out so hard that he had child out right behind himself and turned out what most people call honest?” p. 159


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