the assassins of tamurin

title: The Assassins of Tamurin

author: S. D. Tower

genre: Fiction, fantasy, betrayal, love

suggested by: Phil S.

dates read: August 21st – August 27th

review: 5 out of 5 stars

summary: Lale is an orphan who washed up on the shores of Riversong when she was just a few months old.  The two older companions with her were dead and dying and so her origins remained a mystery.  When she is only about 11 years old, she is cut off from the other villagers and decides to make her way out in the world.  She is picked up by Makina Seval, the Despotana of Tamurin, and the head of a school for foundling girls.  Seval is Mother to all the girls and the filial loyalty Lale has for her mother causes her to give her life to Mother’s cause, wherever that may lead her.  As Lale is drawn deeper and deeper into Mother’s plot, she begins to learn the truth. . .

personal thoughts: While I could predict where some of this was going, I was still intrigued by the story and thought Lale to be an interesting heroine.  I appreciated that she tried to remain loyal, even as her heart was trying to take her in a different direction.  I was drawn into her story and the journey she took, as well as the world she grew up in.  The political aspects of her environment were an integral part of her story and added a depth to the overall plot.  This was a fun read.

favorite quotes:
“finally it stopped, and so did I, sliding away into silence and darkness, into a place that lay deeper than the riverbed of my dreams.” p. 17

“Hidden in the dismal record of their petty hatreds, their ferocious avarice, their treacheries and their brutal little wars, was the story of our decline.” p. 156

That was the danger: not lust, who rules the body like a conqueror, but rather love, the thief in the night who comes to steal the heart.” p. 241

“The clang of iron on iron slowly fell away, to leave only that ghastly song of a battle’s aftermath, the shrieks and moans of the mutilated.” p. 351


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