the iron king

title: The Iron King

author: Julie Kagawa

genre: Fiction, fantasy, fey, faeries

suggested by: Kara W.

dates read: September 16th – September 17th

review: 4.5 out of 5 stars

summary: Meghan Chase lives a ho-hum life. When she was six her father just disappeared, and now almost 10 years later, her family lives on a pig farm in a hick town. Her mother has re-married and while Luke is a nice guy, Meg doesn’t feel any special bonds with him, though she adores Ethan, her four year old step-brother. Feeling invisible at school, except for her best friend Robbie, Meg is not looking forward to much from life.   Strange things start happening, Meg starts seeing weird creatures, and suddenly Ethan is kidnapped.   Discovering that her best friend is not who she thought he was, and that Ethan was taken by faeries, she and Robbie set off to rescue him.

personal thoughts: At first I thought this was a book I had read before called “Wicked Lovely,” also about faeries and the fey world. But I quickly discovered this was a very different story. Sometimes Meg did annoy me with her fragility and inability to pick up on things, how she seemed slow to adapt to her environment. But I suppose that’s pretty accurate for a 16 year old girl. I really liked Grimalkin, the strange cat companion who seemed to appear when he was most needed. I’m intrigued by the overarching story and plan to return to the series next year.

favorite quotes:
“I woke with the mother of all headaches doing a jig inside my skull.” p. 90

“It was like color given emotion: orange passion, vermillion lust, crimson anger, blue sorrow, a swirling, hypnotic play of sensations in my mind.” p. 180

“I smiled, seeing their emotions as clearly as a beautiful painting: blue sorrow, emerald hope, scarlet love.” p. 350


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