treasure island

title: Treasure Island

author: Robert Louis Stevenson

genre: Fiction, pirates, treasure, yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum

dates read: October 21st – October 24th

review: 4 out of 5 stars

summary: Jim Hawkins and his parents run an inn, the Admiral Benbow.  Their lives are unremarkable until they take a seaman as a roomer.  Always drinking, and forever fearful that a man with a wooden leg will come looking for him, his fear infects Jim.  After Jim’s father dies, and the seaman drinks himself to death, Jim and his mother open the locked chest the seaman brought with him.  Inside they find random trinkets, along with some coins and and tied up oilcloth.  When a group of men ransack the inn, Jim finds that the oilcloth is more important than he knew.  So begins his search for lost treasure.

personal thoughts: This is such a classic story, I don’t think there are many who aren’t familiar with some version of it.  However, it wasn’t as compelling as some of the other classics I’ve read.  Something about the writing didn’t draw me in so much.  Some of the pirate-ese was difficult to understand.  What I did like was that often times Jim didn’t understand it either, so then I didn’t feel as bad.  But because it’s such a classic, I enjoyed finally getting the “real” story from the original author.

favorite quotes:
“long after that death yell was still ringing in my brain, silence had re-established its empire, and only the rustle of the redescending birds and the boom of the distant surges disturbed the languor of the afternoon.” p. 71

“Someone was singing, a dull, old, droning sailor’s song, with a droop and a quaver at the end of every verse, and seemingly no end to it at all but the patience of the singer.” p. 119

“and he still lives, a great favorite, thought something of a butt. . .” p. 181


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