dark lord of derkholm

title: Dark Lord of Derkholm

author: Diana Wynne Jones

genre: Fiction, fantasy, wizards, magic, dragons, griffins

suggested by: Sam B.

dates read: October 26th – October 27th

review: 5 out of 5 stars

summary: Derk is somewhat of a bumbling wizard. He’s good at breeding new animals and creating illusions, but he can’t summon the right demons and he’s not good with the evil stuff. So when he’s chosen to be the Dark Lord for the year’s Pilgrim Parties, he is none too happy. His son Blade is also chosen to be a Wizard Guide for one of the parties. When a misunderstanding with a dragon incapacitates Derk for a few weeks, Blade and his human sister and five griffin siblings take up the task of Dark Lord.

personal thoughts: Another winner by Diana Wynne Jones. I love her ability to jump into the middle of everything but also slowly reveal what’s going on as the story progresses. The goofiness of Derk’s family is endearing and I kept thinking about what a great movie or miniseries this would make. She gives such depth to her characters and makes them loveable, frustrating, and flawed. It was one of those stories that I wish would go on just a little bit longer so I can spend more time with the characters.

favorite quotes:
“it was the ‘while you’re at it’ that was worst. It kept you slaving all day.   Shona was very good at while-you’re-at-it’s. She slid them in at the end of orders like knives to the heart.” p. 56

“’No living creature has the right to claim wisdom. There is always more to find out.’” p. 136


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