worn stories

title: Worn Stories

author: Emily Spivack

genre: Non-fiction, clothing, memories, history

suggested by: Michalle T.

date read: November 12th

review: 5 out of 5 stars

summary: Emily Spivack has complied stories that center around articles of clothing or accessories.  Going from tragic, to heartwarming, to hilarious, everyone shares something that has stuck with them over the years.  Each story is accompanied with a picture of the item that has impacted their life.

personal thoughts: I love this idea.  As I was reading each story I was thinking about all the pieces of clothing/accessories that I could write about and the stories they make me think of.  I buy most of my wardrobe from thrift stores but I keep everything until it is falling apart.  I wish I could find out the significance of my clothing to the previous owners.  One of the stories is just that, telling of someone who gave her shirt to a thrift store in high school and found out that her friend had bought it from that thrift store years ago.  I’ve seen people wearing the clothing I got rid of years ago and I feel a connection with them.  The clothes we wear tell stories about who we are and I think it’s beautiful to celebrate those stories.

favorite quotes:
“The clothes that protect us, that make us laugh, that serve as a uniform, that help us assert our identity or aspirations, that we wear to remember someone – in all of these are encoded the stories of our lives.  We all have a memoir in miniature living in a garment we’ve worn.” p. 7 – Emily Spivack

“I always write in the shirt because it makes me feel like I have a secret.  When you write, it’s good to have a secret because in a way you do.  You have to nurture the secret until other people know about it.” p. 12 – Greta Gerwig

“I think there is a direct relationship between what you pay for an item and how long you hang on to it. . .” p. 27 – David Carr

“I keep the remains of these escapades neatly tucked away in the back of my closet, empty shells of late nights and questionable decisions that evolved into nothing at all.” p. 47 – Laura Jane Kenny

“It takes me a while to recognize beauty; that’s why, as a writer, I edit so compulsively.” p. 75 – Stephen Elliott


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