out of the silent planet

title: Out of the Silent Planet

author: C. S. Lewis

genre: Fiction, sci-fi, space travel

suggested by: Sam B.

date read: December 7th

review: 5 out of 5 stars

summary: Dr. Elwin Ransom, trying to help a young man return home, finds himself drugged and kidnapped, waking up on a spaceship headed for a distant planet (which turns out to be Mars).  His two captors, Dr. Weston and Dick Devine have been to the planet before and Ransom overhears a conversation which leads him to believe that he is going to be a sacrifice to the beings that inhabit the planet.  After they land, he finds a way to escape and wonders into the wilderness, where he is found by one of the species that live there.  This encounter opens up a while new world for Ransom.

personal thoughts: Sci-fi is always a little sketchy for me, which I think I’ve mentioned in other reviews.  However, I thought this was an interesting story and like Dr. Ransom and the compassion he had for the planet’s inhabitants.  I already love C. S. Lewis and it was cool to read something different by him.  I’m always amazed by people’s imaginations.  I have a vivid imagination, but it’s more grounded in things that could actually happen, rather than coming up with new worlds and species.  It’s especially cool when I can get a clear picture of what is being described, which I felt happened a lot while I was reading this.

favorite quotes:
“you cannot see things till you know roughly what they are.” p. 26

“‘the best pictures are made in the hardest stone.'” p. 75


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