ready player one

title: Ready Player One

author: Ernest Cline

genre: Fiction, virtual reality, competition, year 2044

suggested by: Phil S.

dates read: December 5th – December 7th

review: 5 out of 5 stars

summary: Wade Owen Watts is an orphan in 2044 using the “globally networked virtual reality” OASIS to escape the reality of his life.  Living in the “stacks,” a neighborhood of trailers stacked at least 15 units high, with his aunt and 13 other people, Wade’s life seems pretty bleak.  James Halliday, the videogame designer of OASIS and billionaire passed away at the age of 67, leaving behind no heirs to his mass fortune.  Instead, he created a complex game within OASIS and whoever finishes it first, will inherit his company and fortune.  Wade is one of those competitors and the first to pass the first level of the game.  With that one “small” accomplishment, Wade’s avatar is now globally known and Wade’s life changes forever.

personal thoughts: This really reminded me of Gamer with Gerard Butler, which is a movie I really love, even though it shows the depravity of humanity.  This was not quite as depraved, though it did show the greed humans are capable of.  I might not be as massive a nerd as some who have read this, but I still appreciated all the references that I did understand, from Firefly to Star Trek to Monty Python to PAC-MAN to D&D.  So clever and engaging.  Wade also developed a lot as a character, which added another element to the story.  Well told, and a nice tribute to all things nerdy.

favorite quote:
“I decided whoever Art3mis really was, I was in love with her.  I could feel it, deep in the soft, chewy caramel center of my being.” p. 179


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