title: Thane

author: Travis Daniel Bow

genre: Fiction, betrayal, brothers, espionage

suggested by: Mom

dates read: December 12th – December 14th

review: 5 out of 5 stars

summary: Timothy and Robert are not brothers by blood, but they might as well be.  Raised together by their “mother,” unsure which is actually her son, they end up being kidnapped by the Huctans to be part of their army.  They are rescued by Selena, who is part of a rebel group whose goal is fighting the Huctans and saving their country Botan.  Timothy is drawn to the group and immediately joins them, while Robert resists.  As both boys become familiar with the group, it becomes clear that there’s a traitor in their midst.

personal thoughts: Another author I kind of know (he and his wife are friends of my parents)!  So cool.  Anyway, this is the first book in the Everknot Series and I definitely want to continue with the story when the next book (or books) comes out.  I liked how the perspective sometimes changed between the different characters so I got an idea of what is going on elsewhere, or from the perspective of someone else.  Also, I thought the prologue really set up the story nicely, gave it a more back story without getting bogged down in the details.  The training scenes were well done, and I liked the dynamics between the characters.  All in all, an engaging story with likable characters and a series I’m looking forward to continuing.

favorite quotes:
“Pulling the wool over someone’s eyes is a fine art. . .but sometimes all it takes is plain, sheep-headed stubbornness to keep the wool off.” p. 84

“Jesher, whose passion and love for Botan exceeded everyone else’s the way the trees exceeded the grass.” p. 169