dragon and phoenix

title: Dragon and Phoenix

author: Joanne Bertin

genre: Fiction, dragonlords, truedragons, captivity and freedom

suggested by: Jason S.

dates read: December 14th – December 19th

review: 5 out of 5 stars

summary: Maurynna, Linden, Lleld, and Jekkanadar are all dragonlords, humans with the ability to transform into dragons. Well, all of them are able to expect for Maurynna, who was able to once when Linden, her soultwin, was in peril.  Now she seems to have lost the ability and as a result is forbidden from leaving the Dragonskeep as it is too dangerous.  But the reunion of a childhood friend brings with it news that a truedragon is being held in captivity by those in power and the group cannot, and will not, let that stand.

personal thoughts: This is actually the second book in the series so I wonder what I’m missing by not having read the first.  I suspect that some of the memories mentioned in this are what occurred in the first book.  Anyhow, I still really enjoyed this and was able to get into the story and the lives of the characters.  There were some slow parts and characters I didn’t care much for, even outside of the “bad guys.”  Within chapters the perspective would flip between many of the characters and I could easily see this being made into a movie or miniseries.  I did read some of the reviews on “Goodreads” that said the writing wasn’t as good, or they didn’t care about the story or characters as much as the first.  I’m glad that I don’t have that tainting my experience of the book, though I am a little curious to go back and read it.  I would like to see where the story goes next and will have to add it to my books to read next year.

favorite quotes:
“There was no greater tyrant than a faithful servant.” p. 206

“‘don’t get all into a snit that she didn’t follow the story you’d written – not when you didn’t tell her the tale.'” p. 247

“‘An honest enemy. . .is truer than a false friend.'” p. 350

“Like a wayward boat that wouldn’t answer to the helm, her mind continuously drifted back to thoughts of Linden no matter how hard she tried not to think about him.” p. 514

“she felt as though she walked along some border in the dream world where the weight of a sigh would tilt the scales between nightmare and enchantment.” p. 544, 545


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