project read review

I had a blast with this project.  As a kid I read a lot, often staying up through the wee hours of the morning to finish a book.  Since I started college, I didn’t read for pleasure and it took me a long time to get back to my childhood love.  That’s why I decided to focus on reading this year.  It certainly has re-ignited my love for it and I already have a list of books that I would like to read next year (it’ll be nice to not have to write a review after I finish each one).  I thought I would share a few stats from this year’s project.  Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions and made this so enjoyable.  Your input enriched my year and I appreciate you all!

books read: 104 (average of 2/week)

pages read: 38,783

longest read: The Count of Monte Cristo (at 1,276 pages)

5 stars: 65

4.5 stars: 18

4 stars: 14

3.75 stars: 1

3.5 stars: 1

3 stars: 2

2 stars: 2

1 star: 1

favorite book: World War Z by Max Brooks

What a great year!


One thought on “project read review

  1. I was so excited this was your project for the year. I remember when you were 2 years old you sitting on my lap and being able to read the entire book of The Rescuers to you. It seemed where ever we went you were drawn to books. Along with your passion for reading, you have a gift for writing, so it has been refreshing and fun to read your descriptions and personal thoughts on each book. I loved your perspective and thoughtfulness. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for the written word and inspiring me to have my own Project Read.

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