get your head out of the box

I was reminded again today why generalizations are so dangerous.  It’s something we all do because, I think to some degree, it’s necessary to keep ourselves from going crazy.  There are too many details in this world and if we tried to keep them in mind all the time, nothing would get done.  But life is all about balance and so I think generalizing too much can have detrimental affects and can be so harmful to society.  I try to ignore them when I see them, but I can’t help but react to them, at least a little.

I saw this while scrolling on FB and just had to shake my head.  I work with the welfare population and while there are people who take advantage of the system, there are many more who are utilizing it to improve their lives and get out of a tough spot.  We’re seeing more and more people who have BAs and even MAs come in for aid.  The economy is tough, I don’t think people disagree about that.  What I find unfortunate is ignorant people speaking about issues they know nothing about like they do.  There are a lot of catchy posters and sayings out there, but I think ones that talk about welfare are generally wrong and continue to shame those who need the extra help.  And the amount they receive is laughably small (partially to keep them from relying solely on it).  I’m all for people being independent and not having to rely on taxpayers, but the reality is that not all people have equal access to opportunity.  I was blessed to be born into a family that was supportive and loving; we always had food on the table, and a roof over our heads.  I never had to go without and my parents instilled the importance of education, which got me the jobs that have supported my own family.  I was born into this positive cycle that will hopefully continue on.  Not everyone has that.  Many come from broken homes and/or got pregnant at a young age.  Some haven’t finished high school.  There are too many individual stories to generalize them all into one catchy phrase.  So please stop.


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