new york – 8/15/15

I’m baaaaack.  Jason and I are in Upstate New York with family and I wanted to document our time here.  Unlike the cruise we went on a few years ago, I didn’t want to try and remember everything two years later, so I’ll be writing at the end of each day to ensure I remember as much as possible.  Pictures will also be included.

A little about where we’re staying.  Sherrie’s grandparents, Mike and Nina are the owners and the property has been in the family for at least 70 years.  The house used to be a church, then a dance hall and there is still a door in the living room that hangs from the ceiling, parallel to the floor, that was used when carriages drove through.

The room we’re staying in used to be where Mike and Nina would stay and it also happens to be the room with the waterheater.  Also, there’s a thick PVC pipe coming down from the ceiling and going back up.  Whenever anyone flushes the toilet it sounds like a stream is right next to the bed.

There are trash cans for burnables, things like paper plates and napkins, compostable, and metals, all in the kitchen/dining room area.  At the end of the day the burnables will be thrown into the ever burning fire, which is kept going to keep bugs away from the area, not far outside the front door.   It has a lot of character, but we were warned by Sherrie before we arrived that is a place that “you will start out hating and grow to love by the end.”


Our plane was delayed, though we made it to our connecting flight in Detroit just fine. Our Detroit flight just happened to be the same as the one my uncle and a few others were taking.  We made it to Binghamton a little early, before 10:30am.  Our cousin Sherrie came and picked us all up and we made the drive through rural upstate New York to their cottage.  I’d seen pictures of the cottage from Sherrie’s facebook, but of course seeing something in person is so much different than off a computer screen.

this will, naturally, not keep /me/ from sharing pictures of my own

this will, naturally, not keep /me/ from sharing pictures of my own

Given the lack of sleep because of the redeye flight, Jason and I took a nap while most everyone else explored or went out on the lake.  A few hours later I got up, deciding I shouldn’t sleep the day away and mess up my sleeping schedule.  I took a walk around some of the extensive property, and captured a few shots.  It was a little warm in the sunshine, but perfect in the shade.

driveway into the property

After the walkabout I sat and chatted with Mike; before long Jason had joined us.  When we were done talking, Jason wanted to walk around too, so we made our way to the lake (where I, of course, took more pictures) and then around more of the forested area.  We marveled at all the greenery and I added to my photographic collection.

When we got back to the cottage, the boys: my cousin Robbie, and his friends Tevan, Marc, and Kyle, were trying to chop down a dead tree.  We each took turns with the axe, and we got a good chunk of it, though it’ll take some more chopping to bring it down.  They were starting to hit some knots and the axe just bounced back after each hit.



Robbie, our cousin

We set about making dinner, eggplant parmesan (like lasagna, sans noodles), and waited for Micah and Kelly to arrive from Philadelphia.  Once they did, they spent some time trying to find a level place to prop up their camper, which sits in the bed of their truck.  It had rained last night so the ground was pretty soggy.  Kelly and I watched as Micah almost got stuck in the mud.  Micah and Kelly worked together to guide the truck to a better spot and propped it up on blocks to make it more level.  They have become experts in their time on the road.

excuse the tree

excuse the tree; you can see the orange levelers underneath both tires

Micah and Kelly's home for the last few months

Micah and Kelly’s home for the last few months

As the sun sank lower, the light reflecting off the water was mesmerizing and Jason and I took advantage, sitting on the edge of the water attempting to capture some of its beauty.  We each took our fair share of pictures and then headed closer to home to play a quick game of horseshoes with Micah and Kelly while it was still a little light.  It didn’t take long for the hunger and lack of light to drive us inside, where others were setting up the table for 14 of us.  Dinner was lively and delicious and we were all very satisfied.  Paper plates and plastic silverware made for easy clean up. (Plus a leaky sink delayed the dish cleaning crew a bit).  We played games, sat and chatted, and spent some time around the campfire while Marc and Micah played guitar and Marc serenaded us.  A nice end to a wonderful first day.

one of the cottage rules is to pick a bouquet of wildflowers; i like this rule

Nancy tries Uncle Ben’s cigar

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