new york – 8/17/15

Another late starting day, getting up at 10am.  This time I didn’t go to bed until 2am, so sleeping in was even more important.  After breakfast I decided to join Jason in tossing throwing knives.  The first one hit the tree and bounced off, the next one just barely missed the tree, and the third one missed by a few inches.  We found the first two easily, in fact, the second one was stuck in the dirt.  But we could not find the third one.  Jason and I spent about 20 minutes scanning and then kicking the ground, trying to unearth it.  Micah and Kelly joined us, then Tevan, Sherrie, Uncle Ben, and even one of the dogs.  We started using a rake, figuring that it would clang when it hit the knife, or at least catch it.  After employing the rake for a while with no success, I decided to test out our theory and took one of the knives we did have and threw it onto the area that Jason was raking up.  It quickly got covered by the dried grass and leaves and Jason said he couldn’t discern it from the grass.  So then I started carefully going through the piles we had accumulated.  No luck.  After more than an hour of searching, where we had up to 7 people and one dog involved, it was still nowhere to be found.  Ugh.

here they are, back when they were a full set. :(

here they are, back when they were a full set. :(

Micah and Kelly needed to go to town to work so Jason and I joined them.  It was also a dry run for our drive to NYC.  Their truck cab has jumper seats, sideways facing, and when we go to the city tomorrow we’ll be riding in them.  I’m glad we tested it out with a shorter drive.  I decided that some more cushions would be necessary on the four hour drive.

We went back to Norwich, where Sherrie had taken us for grocery shopping.  After grabbing some gas and getting a little lost trying to find a coffee shop, we finally parked and they decided to just work outside on a bench next to the courthouse.  Jason and I started walking around while I took pictures.  We found that the library was not far from where Micah and Kelly were working and it was open until 8:30, so we let them know and helped them relocate.  Jason and I headed back out into the humidity and I took some cool shots of the Methodist church, which had caught my eye on our way into town.  We walked the short main strip of street, stopping in two stores, which both happened to be places we could have easily found back home (which is a compliment to them).  Having exhausted the main street of Norwich, we headed back to the cool air of the library, where Micah and Kelly were hard at work.  We ended up staying until closing, Kelly taking a break with us to go and bring back dinner from Nina’s.  We sat outside the library doors and I actually enjoyed the warmer air, deciding that the constant cool air in the library was a bit too cold.

this one’s for my dad, who collects funny pictures

the main street of Norwich

the main street of Norwich

After the library closed, we went grocery shopping at Tops.  We got a little lost on our way back since it was now dark, but did make it back in one piece, and with the groceries intact.  Almost everyone at the cottage had gone on a night swim, so the cottage was quiet.  Jason and I started laundry and  Rob and Sher told us about the places we had to go in the city.  Sherrie gave us a great itinerary, telling us where we could go and easily walk to, so we wouldn’t need to get a week Metro pass.  Micah played some of his original songs while Marc, who is releasing an album in December, offered to buy his songs.  Admittedly, Marc was a little tipsy, but he had nothing but high praise for Micah’s songs.

Unfortunately, the dryer died before completely drying all our clothes.  Fortunately, the room we’re staying in had a lot of hangers and places to hang them. We hung the damp items with the plan that anything that wasn’t dry in the morning would be hung up in the trailer.  And with that, we slept.


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