new york – 8/20/15

We got to “sleep in” today.  By that I mean that we had the option to sleep more, even after the construction crew started work for the day.  Apparently they got to the site at 6am and stared work around 7.  And their site was literally feet away from where we were parked.  I was able to doze despite the noise, but finally got out of bed around 8:30.  We all slowly got up, made sure all our stuff was sort of packed, put the dining table back to its normal state, put the leveling blocks away, and then went to the on site dump station.  Micah and Kelly kindly did that dirty work while Jason and I sat upwind.

We checked out and then headed back to the cafe we had visited before for breakfast.  We got lost a few times trying to get out of town but were finally on our way back.  We were going to meet a friend from back home, who just moved to Syracuse last week.  The drive was long and cramped and it rained for a good portion.

We picked up Charlie and went to Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, a place he hadn’t been to yet, but it came highly recommended.  It was a cool place with all kinds of random paraphernalia on the walls and a lot of signatures clearly written with Sharpie.  The bathrooms continued in that theme, the stalls were all carved into or painted on, lots of “so and so loves so and so.”  We had a great time catching up and Charlie made plans to come to the cottage on Saturday.  That’s the day we fly out so we’ll probably miss him. :(

We started the hour and a half drive back to the cottage from Syracuse, the rain pouring for most of the drive.  Again, we got lost, but not until we were a few miles away.  We finally found the right road and made it to the cottage.  Everyone wanted to know how it was and there was a flurry of activity and conversation.  A group decided to go to a local bar but Jason and I chose to stick around.  I caught up with Uncle Ben and Bruce; Bruce was especially interested in the screen that was used in the play, trying to figure out how it worked.  We both pondered over it for a while before I decided to take a shower.  After walking out in the rain to get our stuff, I was happy for a hot shower.  And after a long day of driving, it was time for bed.

another sign for Dad's collection

another sign for Dad’s collection

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