new york – 8/21/15

Nancy, Sherrie and Shana’s mom, Steven, Bruce, and Laura had a flight at 11:50 so had to leave about 9:30.  Though I could have slept a little more, I woke up to see them off.

Most of the group decided to go to Cooperstown, the baseball hall of fame. Jason and I didn’t join them since we’re not really into baseball. Instead, we went with Sherrie, Shana, and Kyle (and all three dogs, of course) on a walk around the lake. Because we weren’t walking on pavement, my feet didn’t hurt as much add they had in the city. It was a gorgeous walk, full of green and trees. It had rained a lot the night before so some of the roads were really muddy. One road was especially bad, little rivulets running throughout, caused by the tire tracks. We had to be careful and make sure we stayed on the raised portions to keep dry. On the last road before the driveway, we passed a field that the dogs ran through. The grass was high so the dogs were hopping around, making them look like deer. The dogs disturbed a cluster of butterflies, which ended up following us down the road, I felt like we were in a Disney movie. We also collected wild flowers for a bouquet, and I’m really pleased with the end result.


cemetary in the day

cemetery in the day

there's about to be a bunch of photos of this

there’s about to be a bunch of photos of this

When we got home Micah and I played a little badminton without the net and then a game of horseshoes. It was pretty even for a while but eventually Micah won with a leaner.  Afterwards we went to the meadow where Micah showed me how to swing a golf club. He really loves the game of golf and has been playing for a while. As with anything, there’s a lot to keep in mind; keep your left leg and arm steady since they are your anchors; move your hips, do not sway from side to side; don’t lift your head until after you’ve made your shot; keep the club perpendicular to the ball and your feet parallel to the club. And I’m sure there’s more that I’ve forgotten. I made a few solid hits, which felt really good. Because I had to grip the club pretty tight my hands were feeling it by the end.  But it was fun to see Micah do something he loves so much, and get to experience it with him.

pretty Aubrie

When we got back everyone had come back from Cooperstown. Kelly got more souvenirs for her family and everyone had a bag of the things they had bought. I sat with Jason and Nina around the ever-burning fire and we shared pictures of our cats. Nina kindly took a picture of Micah, Kelly, Jason, and me, the only one I think we have.

thank you, Nina

thank you, Nina

I wanted to take a group picture before it got too dark but not everyone was ready so while we waited, Uncle Ben showed Kelly and I how to play “Screw Your Neighbor,” a fun card game that I vaguely remember playing long ago.  We got our group pictures and headed back to our game. Tevan and Jason joined in but we didn’t get very far before Shana came in and asked if we wanted to eat at “The Outpost,” a local biker bar. They have a burger called The Homer, which is a pound of meat after it’s cooked. Jason, Kyle, and Tevan all got the burger and they all finished , which impressed everyone. Tevan finished first, but Shana commended Jason’s technique; he cut the very thick patty in half, crosswise, and then cut that into more manageable pieces. He finished second.

I was in the bathroom when everyone else was paying and forgot to tell Jason to pay. When I got out and discovered our tab hadn’t been paid, I walked to the bar to flag down our waitress. I took my camera off my shoulder and set it on the bar, not realizing that it was gone until we got back to the cottage. Sherrie drove me back and they had put it behind the bar. Whew.

Almost everyone was going to play Catch Phrase, but I wanted to make sure I got pictures from Robbie so I used Micah’s computer as the conduit for the transfer. It was a tedious process, and when I was done Uncle Ben, Jason, and I went back to our card game. Nina joined us this time and I ended up winning. We started another game but Nina couldn’t finish since she got a call from her granddaughter. Uncle Ben wanted to go to bed, so Micah took over. He won by two points and I came in second.

Jason and I decided to pack so we wouldn’t have to waste time on it in the morning.  Not long after, we went to bed.