new york – 8/22/15

Homeward bound today. :(  Our flight wasn’t until 1pm so we left the cottage around 11am.  Uncle Ben, Shana, Kyle, and Tevan were also on the same flight, so once again Sherrie gave us a ride.  Because the airport is so tiny, even an hour was more than enough time.  Jason and I checked our bag and then went to the restroom.  I got out before him and decided I wanted to get something to eat before the flight.  There was only one staff member and several of the customers before me ordered sandwiches.  Uncle Ben was right before me and he got the only banana they had so I decided not to get anything.  Before I got out of line I had realized that Jason had no idea we had gone inside the restaurant and so Tevan went out to check on him.  He discovered that Jason had already gone through security so Shana offered to go through and hang out with him.  Not long after this I stepped out of line and also went through security.  There was only one other person in front of me and we both got through in a matter of minutes.

The flight itself was only an hour long and it was all too soon before we had to part ways to get to our terminals.  We got pizza for lunch and waited at our gate to board.  The four hour flight was uneventful, though I did waste $6 on the movie The Madding Crowd.  I found the protagonist anything but independent or admirable; she played with her suitors’ hearts and was extremely selfish and thoughtless.  Dumb.  But I had paid $6 so I felt that I had to finish.

Our flight got in about half an hour early.  Soon we had our checked bag and were being picked up by Mom and Dad.  And with that, our trip was over.

I’m so thankful we could make this trip, spend time with family, make new friends, and see a different part of the country.  These are memories I will always cherish.  And Sherrie was right, by the end of the trip, I couldn’t help but love the cottage.

heaven on earth

One thought on “new york – 8/22/15

  1. Great read!! I love all of it! I’m glad you loved the cottage. It was great having everyone there and I enjoyed spending time with everyone. Definitely a trip that I will never forget :)

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