day 6 – shinjuku


Finally got a proper night’s sleep, waking up around 8:30 and not feeling tired.  Poor Jason did feel sick and decided to stay home.  I needed to get some wrapping paper, but thought the store didn’t open until 11am.  We finally left the house around 10:45 and made it to Oven Fresh Kitchen before too long.

After breakfast we went to Seiyu again, purchasing medicine and oranges for Jason, and some wrapping paper.  We went back home to drop off the supplies, and headed back out.

We had decided to spend the day in Shinjuku as there was so much to do.  The station itself it very busy and has many stores housed within it.  Nick had been looking for a 10-key keyboard and found one at Bic Camera.

We made the 15 minute walk to the Tokyo Metropolitan Buildings, where you can view the city from the 45th floor for free.  We went up to the South Tower, as it closes at 5:30 and would return to the North Tower after nightfall.

The view is unreal:

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I had wanted to take everyone to Ichiran Ramen and there was a location nearby, so when we were done at the Metropolitan Building, we headed back to the busier section of Shinjuku. When we arrived, we were told the wait would be 50 minutes, and we were hungry enough to go somewhere else.  We found something down one of the alleys and ordered our food from the ticket machine.  One of the servers brought over an English menu for easier reference.

We throughly enjoyed the meal and then headed back outside.  We went back to the station and walked around the mall.  We encountered a lot of Engrish:

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One thing that happens a lot here, at least for me, is that I experience a lot of extreme temperatures.  We would go from the freezing cold to the closed in warmth inside either the train or the shops.  I was constantly adding and then subtracting layers as the temperature changed.  When we had entered the mall, I had wanted a hot chocolate to warm my insides, but when we found a Starbucks to satisfy this craving, I was already too warm for such a thing.  When we did decide to leave, I got a hot chocolate to stave off the cold, but then we ended up staying inside to find a bathroom.

After the mall, we headed back to the Metropolitan Building to go up the North Tower and see the city at night.  I won’t try and describe it:

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Wanting to get an good night’s sleep and anxious to see Jason again, we headed for home.  Unfortunately we got on the wrong train.  When we got off after one stop, we were surprised to find that it would take 40 minutes to get to our next station.  We talked to the station master who told us which platform to wait on.  We got back on the subway and returned to the pervious station.  We were able to cross the platform to get on the right subway and were on the right track (bahaha).

We met Jason at our station and found a restaurant that we hadn’t been to before.  Turns out it was Italian with some Japanese style spaghetti.  Huh.  Riley went down to the basement level to find something more his style.

We finished before him and I was sent down to see if he was almost done or if we should go home without him.  I entered the Smoky room and was promptly greeted by the staff.  I pantomimed looking for someone and one of the waitresses started leading me towards the back of the restaurant.  At first I thought she was showing me the bathroom, but then I saw Riley’s head behind a small wall and realized they knew exactly who I was looking for.  This greatly amused me.  I gave him the message that we were ready to head home and he agreed to meet is there when he was done.

We headed home and eventually went to bed.


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