day 11 – tokyo disney sea

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We managed to get up at about 7:30 and out of the house, breakfast at Oven Fresh Kitchen, and on the train by about 9am.  This was Nick’s last breakfast at OFK.  :(

We made it to Disney Sea a little after 10 and got our tickets to enter the park.  Disney has always done a really great job with set design and overall aesthetics.  Disney Sea is no exception.  The park is split up into 7 sections: Mediterranean Harbor, Mysterious Island, America Waterfront, Port Discovery, Lost River Delta, Arabian Coast, and Mermaid Lagoon.  I think Mermaid Lagoon is my favorite:

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Upon entering the park, the first thing we did was go get a Fastpass for Journey to the Center of the Earth.  I’m very thankful we did, because the soonest time we could return for the Fastpass line was 6:45.  We explored Mysterious Island a bit before getting in line for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  The wait time was 45 minutes, and while it didn’t fly by, it was made more enjoyable by the set design:

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Tokyo Disney Sea is in addition to Tokyo Disneyland.  I’ve heard Disney Sea described as being geared for older customers.  I have been to Tokyo Disneyland, but I honestly can’t remember how it differed from Disney Sea.  That was over 10 years ago, after all.  Regardless, I enjoy Disney Sea immensely, and was happy to return and see how things had changed.

After finishing 20,000 Leagues, we wandered around some more, going through Mermaid Lagoon and a little bit of the Arabian Coast.  We decided to check out the Mexican restaurant in the Lost River Delta and enjoyed a pleasant meal of quesadillas.

We had seen an ice cream stand outside the restaurant and so went back to see what they had.  It was a very limited selection, the same as all the other little ice cream stands.  We reviewed the map and saw that the Sultan’s Oasis in the Arabian Coast had soft serve ice cream.  I really enjoy Japanese soft serve, it is not overly sweet and is very enjoyable.

We went back to the Lost River Delta and ended up standing in line for an hour and a half to ride Raging Spirits.  It was an impressive roller coast that packed a lot into a small space.  Once we were done, we headed towards the American Waterfront to see about getting the guys Fastpasses for the Tower of Terror.  Unfortunately, they were out of Fastpasses.  Deciding now would be a good time to see the show in the Mermaid Lagoon theater, we entered the underground mermaid area.  It was just as spectacular as I remembered.

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The wait for the show was only half an hour, so we decided to get in line.  The show itself was different from the one I had seen (understandably so), but no less impressive.  Unlike the last show I’d seen here, none of it was in English.  But the familiar tune of the songs made it easy enough to follow along.  Plus it was nice to sit down for a bit.

After the show we went to three different places to see about dinner.  All of them had theme park prices and weren’t impressive enough to throw down that kind of money.  We decided to eat something small and then have dinner outside the park.

We ended up at a little bakery in the Mediterranean Harbor.  The pastries were pretty good, but we decided OFK is better.  Still, look at these cuties:

fruit muffin

apple pie

We still had some time before our Fastpasses were good, so we went back to the Arabian Coast, since we hadn’t really explored it before.  We ended up on Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage, which was a similar to Pirates of the Caribbean ride in that it was a boat ride through scenery, but much less violent and more cartoony (which made it adorable and still enjoyable).  The ride was actually quite long and I was impressed with all the work they put into it.  Again, a great way to get off our feet.

Our Fastpasses were about to start, so we went back to Mysterious Island to get in line.  We got through very quickly, thankfully, because we had already stood in too many lines.  This is kind of like Indiana Jones, in that you’re rolling along in a large off-road vehicle.  There are many things to see on both sides of the car, and at some point there is a giant monster.  I won’t spoil the ending, but it’s a pretty epic ride, one that I wished I could have gone on again.

We exited the park to catch our bus, but found it eerily empty.  We sat on the bench for a bit before I walked across the parking lot to ask an attendant where we needed to go.  He was able to direct me and I joined the guys to find the right station.  We had to ask one more person but found it, about 10 minutes before it was to arrive.

We had decided to get curry for dinner, but weren’t sure the place close to our station would be open by the time we got there.  We decided to try our luck at the place we had gone to on the first Monday night.  It was open, and had many people enjoying a meal.  Thankful to be familiar with the process, we got our food and enjoyed the delicious curry.


We found that it had started raining while we were eating, but not too hard.  We made our way to the station and back home.  Last night. :(

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