burning bush(es and trees)

KiDue to some technical difficulties last night/early this morning, I wasn’t able to publish my blog post until this afternoon. I was attempting to add the photos to the post and was running into failed uploads with my phone and tablet. I might not have gone to bed until about 4am. *ahem* Anyway, we finally rolled out around 1pm and had lunch at “Sam’s Family Restaurant” before heading back to Bonshaw Hills Provincial Park for some hiking. We stomped around the woods for a few hours and only encountered a handful of people. It was perfect weather and the hike was refreshing.

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Once we got back to the parking lot, we ate some sandwiches and then backtracked a few miles to an overlook we had passed a few times at this point. In the distance we could see a body of water and I hopped on Google maps to ascertain the route. We meandered a bit, and actually ended up back on St Catherines Rd again. Around every bend I wanted to stop and take in the view, but there weren’t any real places to park except driveways. A few times I did manage to find a grassy area where we could briefly stop.

from the lookout

and zoomed in a bit

There was some live music I was interested in checking out in Summerside, about a 45 minute drive from our location. We had a few hours to kill before the start so I ended up turning down several roads on our way. At one point we could see the ocean and because of the clouds above I actually couldn’t tell if it was water or sky. I searched for a way to get a better shot and eventually found a road that ended right into a very small beach.

We made it to Summerside a little before sunset and were able to get some shots in before the sun fully descended. We headed to the location of the event only to realize we had about an hour before it started. Jason took the opportunity to nap and I used it to upload the day’s photos. We ended up not staying for the music and started our journey back to home base, about an hour drive.

We stopped at Hunter’s Ale House for dinner and made it back to home base around 10pm. I’m planning on getting more sleep and waking earlier since tomorrow we’re planning on going to Avonlea.

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