the gables, which were green

We finally left the house at a more decent time, around 11am.  We mostly went directly to Cavendish, where Green Gables is located.  I did pull over a few times to take some pictures.

one such picture

Once we arrived we paid the entrance fee and walked through the museum-like section of the main building.  There were pictures and facts about Lucy Maud Montgomery (author of Anne of Green Gables).  They even had pictures of her diaries.  It was very well put together and we spent some time browsing before going outside to the main event.






she was a cat lover too!


the far right bottom corner book is in braille :)

Before arriving at the house, there was a barn, which had a few photo opportunities, some more pictures and facts about LM Montgomery, and a place to add a note for the museum.




sweet little dress up closet, note the Anne wigs


We entered the house and were able to walk around almost all the rooms.  A few staff were stationed around to answer any questions.  One thing I noted right away was how low the doorways were.  One of the staff let us know people were generally shorter 100 years ago, which I found interesting.  It was neat to imagine how LM Montgomery lived and see what inspired her to write such an influential book.

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There were two hiking trails starting on the grounds of the park.  Unfortunately Lovers Lane was closed because of some downed trees but we were able to walk the Haunted Wood path, which took us to the site of the Cavendish school and LM Montgomery’s home where she lived with her grandparents.  We spent a good hour or so walking the path and enjoying the natural beauty.  It wasn’t difficult to understand how she could be inspired to write all she did (20 novels, 500 short stories, and 500 poems).

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Once we were done exploring, we hopped back on the road again.  Unfortunately Avonlea Village was closed because it’s no longer tourist season.  We turned down some random roads and ended up on the Cavendish beach eventually.

for my dad who collects pictures of funny signs, this one cracked me up

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Back on the road again, we drove around for a few hours, pulling over every now and then to take another photo.  We drove through places like New London, Park Corner, Darnley, Malpeque, Indian River, and Kensington.  Eventually we ended up back in Summerside where we had dinner.  After dinner we headed back home and arrived just after 9pm.

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The natural beauty here continues to take my breath away and I would not mind living here (aside from being so far away from our loved ones).  I am so thankful we’ve been able to really take our time getting to see the place.

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