three point turns

We started our day a bit earlier because we had an appointment at “Island Made” to create our own sea glass jewelry.  We arrived a few minutes early and were let in by Guy, one of the two owners of the shop.  He instructed us to each pick out a piece of sea glass, collected by him and his wife.  We were the only ones to have made a reservation for this particular time so he was able to take his time explaining how sea glass is made, showing us the different treasures they’ve found over the years.  They have also traveled across the country in their RV and he shared some of the cool things they have seen.  I could have sat and chatted with him all day and appreciated how we were able to relax and take in the experience.  He gave clear instructions and made jewelry alongside us so he could demonstrate techniques.  We’re both very happy with the end results.



garden area right outside “Island Made”

After we had a delicious lunch at “Himalayan Curry,” we went over to Victoria Park, where we walked around a tad.  It was extremely windy today, over 20mph.


Dead Man’s Pond



We mostly spent the day driving around, though this time we were exploring the eastern end.  We made it to three different lighthouses, they all looked pretty much the same.  The East Point Lighthouse (at the eastern-most point of the island, unsurprisingly) was the windiest place.  I tried to walk to the end of the path to get some pictures and was pushed so hard by the wind I just turned around and went a little behind the lighthouse to get some shots.  I would estimate it was at least 40mph winds.  When Jason tried to get the car door open, he thought it was locked because it wouldn’t budge.


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We ended the night back at The Gahan House where we had a nice meal and enjoyed live music by the Taylor Buote Duo.  The Gahan House is our favorite restaurant so far and we might make it there again before this trip is over.


The Gahan House



outside the Gahan

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