west of eden

Our last full day, so sad.

We were able to explore the western side of the island and I feel we explored a good majority of the whole island, having been to both ends and a lot in between.  We left at 8am and got out to the western point by about 10am.  We meandered around and eventually had lunch in Tignish.

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After lunch we headed over to Wellington where we stopped at Old Mills Park.  They had some awesome exercise equipment we played around on, then we walked about two and a half kilometers of the Confederation Trail.  We discovered the trail is 435 km in total, and covers the island from one end to the other.  We’d like to come back and explore it all one day.

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Our favorite place was Bonshaw park, where we went the first day of our visit.  We thought it was only fitting we go there one last time.  This time we traversed the trails on the other side of the park, the ones we started with on Sunday.  We walked for a few hours and had a grand time tramping through the woods again.

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With some time to kill, we drove over to Canoe Cove and Rocky Point area and I got a few more shots in before it got too dark.


Canoe Cove


Canoe Cove


Canoe Cove

We got ice cream and then drove back to Charlottetown to catch some live music at the Olde Dublin Pub.  It was a great way to end our final full day.  Tomorrow we don’t fly out until after noon but we have to drop off the rental car around 10am so we’ll have to get out of here a little early.  I’m hoping to do a little more exploring and picture capturing before we board our flight.  It has been a grand adventure, indeed.

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