This song has really got me thinking.  Here are the lyrics:

I am a passerby
Half-smile as you cut in line
Hold the door to be polite
You’re on your way and I’m on mine

I don’t know the day you’ve had
I don’t know where your head is at
You’re not a friend of mine
I am just a passerby

What if I knew your name?
What if we had the same home room?
What if the things that tie us are stronger than we knew?
What if we’d shared a pint?
What if we cheered the same team?
What if these moments between us mean more than we could dream?
Would I have grace for you and you for me?

Long days have made us numb
I don’t know where you’re coming from
I can’t look you in the eye
I am just a passerby


I was finally able to finish this video.  I picked out some of my favorite pictures from Japan and our road trip (from my camera as well as Steph’s) and set them to music.  It might be a bit monotonous since I have the same transition setting for all 131 pictures, but it’s all about the memories, right?


"I’ll Be There": Jackson 5 ^-^
"Leaving Song": Stephen Speaks

I miss you guys!  You are truly made of awesome.

8.1 videos

Mai (:25)

Mai 2 (1:38)

Yui (:47)

Munitions Elevator (1:21)

Camp Tama Lodge (:45)

Our Room (:27)

Fujiya Hotel Room Panorama (:30)

Room Window View (:13)

Fujiya Hotel Japanese Garden Panorama (:24)

Fujiya Hotel Japanese Garden Panorama 2 (:28)

Fujiya Hotel Japanese Garden Panorama 3 (:13)

Fujiya Hotel Panorama (:45)

Valley Floor Panorama (:33)

Bridge Crossing in the Valley Floor (:28)

Waterfall Panorama (:14)

Breakfast Panorama (:31)

Waterfalls (:18)

DisneySea Plaza Panorama (1:03)

DisneySea Plaza Fountain – Day (:21)

Mediterranean Harbor Panorama (:27)

Mediterranean Harbor Panorama 2 (:28)

Dancing Water in Waterfront Park (:25)

Mysterious Island Panorama (:27)

Waiting on Caravan Carousel (:27)

Triton’s Kingdom Panorama (:21)

Mediterranean Night Panorama (:15)

BraviSEAmo! Water Show 1.6 (:27)

BraviSEAmo! Water Show 2.6 (1:58)

BraviSEAmo! Water Show 3.6 (:56)

BraviSEAmo! Water Show 4.6 (:30)

BraviSEAmo! Water Show 5.6 (1:45)

BraviSEAmo! Water Show 6.6 (:33)

DisneySea Plaza Fountain – Night (:40)

Zojoji Panorama (:27)

Zojoji Panorama 2 (:19)

Mai Reading (1:26)

Yui Reading (1:30)

Pictures and Ayumi (:26)

Ayumi Darts (:17)

Swan (:06)

Conbini (2:01)

Moving Out (:32)

Sakura rain (:03)

Sakura rain 2 (:16)

Parking lot panorama (more sakura) (:29)

Lighthouse Panorama Outside (:59)

Inside Buddha (:33)

Tunnel Musician (:47)


Yesterday was our last day of the four-day weekend.  Most of the day was spent at home on the computer just messing around.  Finally at about 4:45 Steph and I headed out to meet Matt and Bobby in Shinjuku.  It had been a beautiful day and we were bemoaning the fact that we had wasted most of it inside.  When we arrived at the station we walked to our normal meeting place.  We didn’t see Matt or Bobby, plus we were distracted by the band that was set up next to the construction wall.  They were really funky and we decided we really liked their sound.  After a while I noticed that Matt and Bobby were there but they were standing off a ways.  Steph and I decided we wanted to keep listening to the band and eventually the guys came over.  We stood there, enjoying the music (with Bobby using the beat to rap) and decided to buy their c.d. if we could no matter the cost.  So when they finished Steph, Bobby and I walked over to them and Bobby started talking to one of the singers.  He asked him if he could have a go on the mic, the guy agreed and Bobby started rapping while a bunch of people stopped and stared.  It was amazing!  He was amazing!  And after he finished we all (except for Matt) got pictures with the band (their keyboardist was blind!).  They were really good and their c.d. was only about $5.  I think we’re going to try and see them again since we know about when they are there.  It was an amazingly fun night, which I will expound on in my next update.

Soul Betting Ground (3:49)

Bobby (3:38)

Akihabara Panorama (:25)

the storm

Last night we had a magnificent storm that lasted for at least five hours.  The rain came down in buckets, lightening flashed across the sky and thunder shook the ground.  At midnight I leaned out of the window and felt the rain wash over my face and arms.  Everything in me felt alive.  I wanted it to never end.  The next day the sky was clear and the sun shone so brightly, as if the storm had never happened.  But I will not forget it and I hope someday to see another like it.

Storm (:29)

At 12:16 am (obviously since it’s dark it’s hard to tell but it was raining really hard and the sky was completely overcast…I couldn’t get a picture of the storm during the day):

At 3:06 pm: