Life’s not always crystal clear.  Sometimes things start out blurry and slowly move into focus as time marches forward.  Sometimes things never makes sense.  Sometimes it starts out recognizable and turns into something you can’t put a name to anymore.  Keeps you on your toes, never knowing how something’s going to turn out, where a path or a fork in the road will take you.  I kinda like that.  Sometimes I need life to be a little unclear, to allow myself to get out of my way and let things happen.  I’m big on planning and knowing what’s going on, sometimes my ideas don’t work out so well and it’s good when things go awry.  My life’s pretty good, and it’s through no fault of my own.  It’s during those times of uncertainty that I’ve been able to let go and allow His plan to take over.  Thank goodness He sees everything clearly.


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